1. Top 5 Restaurants Near Penn’s Campus

    Sad to hear about the closing of Don Memo’s near campus? Looking for somewhere different to eat before the Wawa on 38th and Spruce reopens? Well this summer there are five dining spots you should finally try (or retry) before classes are back in session!

    1.     Distrito

    Location: 3945 Chestnut St.

    Food type: Mexican

    Price range: $20 and up

    Dish of choice: Carne Asada, small taco entrees

    Rationale: The entire dining experience is perfect for a Friday night. Lots of lights, vibrant evening atmosphere and made for an upscale event. They have live social events for those 21 and up and specials for anyone throughout the week. Check out their really creative “Taco Tuesdays” with delicious tacos at just $2 after 5. 


    2.     Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House

    Location: 3432 Sansom Street

    Food type: Seafood & Steak

    Price range: $20 and up

    Dish of choice: Oyster, crab and fish dishes

    Rationale: This is a classier establishment for nights when you want to get dressed up. Doc Magrogan’s provides a flavorful range of amazing seafood in an area known for its cheesesteaks and scrapple. The menu gives you a wide array of options, but your best bet is to go for the seafood where they get really creative and wow you.

    3.     Harvest

    Location: 200 South 40th Street

    Food type: Fine American cuisine done healthy

    Price range: Under $20 

    Dish of choice: Seasonal seafood options

    Rationale: The strip on 40th and Walnut has seen its share of changes over the years, but Harvest might just be here to stay. For those crazy about calories when dining out, this restaurant has perfected tasty entrees under 500 calories. And if you weren’t impressed the first time, give Harvest a second chance given that the menu changes virtually every season. The organic tastes and local buzz surrounding this spot is worth all the hype.


    4.     Pattaya

    Location: 4006 Chestnut St.

    Food type: Thai

    Price range: Under $15 

    Dish of choice: Pad Thai, drunken noodles, curry of your choice

    Rationale: This restaurant proves that pricing does not always equal taste. Affordable, but well presented, Pattaya is the kind of restaurant that you can visit day or night. No gimmicks; just authenticity. Pattaya succeeds in providing a great range of Thai spices and textures for larger parties or small dates.

    5.     New Delhi

    Location: 4004 Chestnut St.

    Food type: Indian

    Price range: Under $15

    Dish of choice: Buffet, hands down

    Rationale: The best buffet in University City without a doubt. This is an amazing introduction to Indian cuisine if you haven’t devoured it before. Spicy, mild, and in-between describe the range of flavors that you’ll find here. And don’t let the names of the dishes scare you off; each dish is worth trying at least once. New Delhi has been around for 25 years and serves big crowds and small with traditional, vegetarian and even vegan dining options.


    by Ernest Owens, written storytelling intern

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