1. Penn Museum Gets Edgy with “50 Shades of Pompeii”

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Penn Museum plans to debut a new exposé on erotic artwork from the ancient Roman Empire on February 12th. The presentation is part of the annual Young Friends of the Penn Museum Event and will include an exploration of the R-rated murals, a discussion with professor of Classical Studies C. Brian Rose, and a reception.


    This should be a fascinating event for students to attend, and perhaps a great opportunity for young visitors to compare the ancient artwork with more modern examples found in popular culture. Do the erotic mosaics of ancient Rome have a modern equivalent? Given the fact that we tend to classicize ancient artwork as the paradigm of sophistication, it’s especially fun, interesting, and surprising to draw these parallels. Indeed, observing the artwork at “Fifty Shades of Pompeii” might get you thinking that the past– even as far back as the 1st century CE– was far more scandalous than it might seem!

    Visit the Penn Museum’s website for more information and to purchase tickets.

    Or read more about the exhibit in The Penn Current.

    Written by Alexandra Roman, written storytelling intern

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