1. Thanks in part to an anonymous $250,000 gift, Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science has opened the AddLab, a new facility that will feature a suite of state-of-the-art 3-D printing tools. The “add” in AddLab is for “additive manufacturing,” a catch-all term that encompasses the different techniques now available for making three-dimensional objects by building them layer by layer.

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    An M.J. Bailey advertisement for football gear. (1889)
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  3. A trip to Iceland taught engineering senior Shelby Bierig of Fulton, Miss., about renewable energy methods as well as technologies being developed.

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  4. "Working with the children is the best part. You get to be silly every day and they don’t judge you for that." 

    Stephenie Cook
    Lead Teacher
    Penn Children’s Center

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer

  5. "The work I do is personal; I can relate to our students’ lived experiences, and so I do my best to provide them with the resources and support they need. The students are the heartbeat of the center. It is their energy and eagerness to be involved and give back to the community that motivates me to work harder each day."

    Patty Mendoza
    Associate Director
    Center for Hispanic Excellence: La Casa Latina

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer

  6. John McGuire
    Facilities and Real Estate Services

    What’s the best part of your job?
    “The environment. The people. It’s always moving, and there’s not too much down time. The doors are always closing and opening, and there’s always someone coming in. I enjoy the students. I know a lot of them by face, some of them by name. I usually see them when they’re going out to class first thing in the morning.”

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer

  7. Happy Gerald Ford Trapped in an Elevator Day!

    This plaque commemorates the spot where, while on campus 30 years ago to dedicate a conference room named for alum and trustee Thomas S. Gates, former President Gerald R. Ford was briefly stuck in a staff elevator in the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library.

  8. As seen at Penn, August 22-28, Part 2.

  9. As seen at Penn, August 22-28, Part 1

  10. "It’s interesting to leave home and then come to a home—and this place is very much a home. It’s a home to students who work here, who study here, for those who participate here. It’s a home for the staff definitely, and the faculty who teach here. So I don’t have to leave home to go to work, which is pretty wonderful."

    Alli Katz
    Program Coordinator
    Kelly Writers House

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    Photo credit: Scott Spitzer