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    Prof. Tobias B. Wolff enjoys front row seat to history - again - at White House signing ceremony banning LGBT discrimination

    At the White House on Monday, July 21 President Obama signed an Executive Order that will require federal contractors companies and organizations that do business with the United States government by entering into contracts for services to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity within their own workplaces. More specifically, the president added sexual orientation and gender identity to Executive Order 11246, which already required federal contractors to prohibit workplace discrimination based on race, sex, religion and national origin.

    Literally front row, center at the signing ceremony was Penn Law Professor Tobias Barrington Wolff, who has been an informal adviser to Obama on LGBT issues since his 2007-08 presidential campaign through the present, and who also enjoyed a front seat to history at the December 2010 ceremony where Obama repealed the U.S. government’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

    Read more about Monday’s signing ceremony on BuzzFeed and on the BILERICO blog.

    Read more about Prof. Wolf’s scholarship and LGBT advocacy.

  2. As seen at Penn, July 11-18

  3. I… teach the anatomy of the eye, where the students dissect the eye and look at the individual parts of the anatomy.”

    "Seeing medical students mature is fascinating, and it’s like seeing a jigsaw being put together sometimes."

    Prithvi Sankar
    Professor of Clinical Opthalmology
    Scheie Eye Institute

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer

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  5. It’s time once again for Summer session midterms, otherwise known as “Time to stare at everything in Fisher Fine Arts Library except the book in front of me.”

  6. People of Penn is back, and to get you ready, here are the 12 faculty and staff that Penn Current featured in round 1.


  7. By the Numbers: Green Space at Penn

    Our West Philadelphia home spans 300 beautiful acres—100 of which are solely dedicated to a lush and leafy array of green spaces, walkways, and small gardens.

    Penn’s verdant atmosphere is carefully planned and maintained by the landscape and urban parks staff from Facilities and Real Estate Services (FRES) who work to integrate both aesthetics and sustainability throughout the fabric of campus.

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  8. As seen at Penn, July 4-10

  9. Our student photographers continue to explore Philly this summer. How many places can you name?

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    Meet Interim Dean Wendell Pritchett:

    I’m very excited, because I’ve been connected to Penn almost my entire life. When I was a kid several of my friends’ dads taught at Penn, I spent a lot of time on campus as a kid - I even took my SATs at Penn. A lot of my friends attended undergrad here, friends also attended the Law School, and I did my graduate work here. In addition, I taught at Penn Law for nearly a decade and, of course, my wife Anne Kringel directed the legal research and writing program here for 20 years.

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