1. As seen at Penn, August 22-28, Part 2.

  2. As seen at Penn, August 22-28, Part 1

  3. "It’s interesting to leave home and then come to a home—and this place is very much a home. It’s a home to students who work here, who study here, for those who participate here. It’s a home for the staff definitely, and the faculty who teach here. So I don’t have to leave home to go to work, which is pretty wonderful."

    Alli Katz
    Program Coordinator
    Kelly Writers House

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    Photo credit: Scott Spitzer

  4. More than 2,400 students streamed onto College Green on Aug. 26 for ConvocationThe ceremony is one bookend to the Penn experience. The next time the class will march as a group is at Hey Day in their junior year. They’ll be together for a final time at Commencement in May of 2018.

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    Photos by Stuart Watson

  5. From Nintendo Club to Ballroom Dancing to Chess to Music on College Green, NSO had a little something for everyone.

  6. As seen at Penn, August 15-21

  7. Since you started 32 years ago, in what way has your role changed the most?
    "I think the most striking thing about how things have changed around here, including what I do, is interactive with how the society we live in has changed. It’s a very different world in the U.S. since 1982, 32 years later. If anyone had said in 1982 that nearly half the states in the U.S. would have approved marriage for same-sex couples, we would have laughed them out of the room. … That doesn’t mean we don’t have a long way to go, because we still do. But as the world has changed, students have changed. Now, we regularly have 16- and 17-year-old high school students visit often with their parents to find out what it would be like to be at Penn as an out LGBT person. That never would have happened when I first started."

    Bob Schoenberg
    Penn LGBT Center

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer

  8. As seen at Penn, August 9-14

  9. "One of the nicest things is watching a student go from, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, and are you sure I can learn this?’ to, by the end of the program, ‘Yeah, I got this.’

    Deborah Becker
    Practice Associate Professor of Nursing
    Penn Nursing Science

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer, University Communications

  10. Have you ever delivered anything unusual?
    “Nothing out of the ordinary, although we have delivered stuff to the Penn Medicine,” he says. “I will just leave it at that.”

    Jeff Gasko
    Mail Carrier
    Penn Mail Services

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    Photo by Scott Spitzer, University Communications